Terms & Conditions


Every effort is continuously made to provide correct, up to date information on the website (www.clubblueolive.com) and in all written material. However, error can occur due to matters outside our direct control. In order to provide a safety net for our clients, details of your booking will always be confirmed in writing by email (or post if requested).


All client bookings are the result of tailor-made itineraries based upon agreement between clients and Blue Olive Experiences. There could be several drafts of an itinerary before arriving at its final content. Only when a quotation titled ‘FINAL’ is sent to you for confirmation culminating with payment of a non-refundable deposit of £100 per person will a contract for the services of Blue Olive Experiences come in force.

Only the products and services contained in the ‘FINAL’ quotation and at the agree price shown therein will be supplied.

Unless specifically noted to the contrary flights are not included in any Blue Olive Experiences quotation.


Once the ‘FINAL’ quotation has been issued and accepted no changes will be made less than 30 days before the start of your itinerary with Blue Olive Experiences.

Prior to 30 days before the start of your itinerary with Blue Olive Experiences the price might alter if cost variations occur connected with:

  1. Taxes (including VAT)
  2. Exchange Rate fluctuation if +/- 1.5{892c9f469421ee3cb3609e7e84c0904aef671a8f82e32ce504d7ca8a0e6c8763} to the rate applied to your quoted price.

Once the ‘FINAL’ quotation has been issued should you wish to change your booking (for example dates, numbers of people) or cancel your booking, Blue Olive Experiences must be notified by email or post as soon as possible by the person who made the booking (i.e. the lead name on the booking).


Payments must be made online by bank transfer (account details listed in Blue Olive Experience quotations) or via PayPal.

Deadlines must be met. Failure to meet any deadlines in a ‘FINAL’ quotation may lead to additional charges being levied or alteration to the quoted products and services contained in a ‘FINAL’ quotation.


Initial Booking – Once the deposit payment(s) have been received an email will be sent to you (or letter by post if requested) with the applicable ‘FINAL’ quotation attached noting the full price of your itinerary, the deposit received, and dates for balances to be made at a future date(s).

If there appears to be any error or omission to that which was expected please notify Blue Olive Experiences within 48 hours of receipt of the ‘FINAL’ quotation by email, telephone or both.

Booking Amendments/Cancellations by The Client

If changes to your booking are made before the ‘FINAL’ quotation’s balance is due for payment, and numbers decrease, Blue Olive Experiences reserves the right to retain the deposits applicable to the number of cancelled places as a cancellation fee. If any decrease in numbers is made after the balance is due for payment a fee equal to the cost of the balance of the payment due for each cancelled booking might be made depending upon any cancellation costs incurred by Blue Olive Experiences.

If any losses are incurred should any booking be cancelled, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to any losses incurred.

If any changes or cancellation is made after the final balance is paid Blue Olive Experiences will work out the costs of cancellation and retain the said amount from the total monies received and repay any difference (if any) to the client.

A detailed statement of account will be sent to the client when any changes are made whether as a result of changes or cancellations.

Booking Amendments/Cancellations by Blue Olive Experiences

Your Blue Olive Experience is a tailor made itinerary for each of our Clients. We go into the smallest details to ensure your Experience is the very best it can be. However, occasionally matters outside or control occur and therefore Blue Olive Experiences reserves the right to amend or cancel your booking.

Any changes are likely to be minor but all changes will be notified and discussed with our Clients before proceeding.

There will be no Cancellation of a Blue Olive Experience after the final balance is paid or less than 30 days before your itinerary is due to start whichever is the later.

Should any change be more than a minor matter Blue Olive Experiences will advise the change and offer the following options:

  1. Accept the changes, or,
  2. Agree a new itinerary whereby Blue Olive Experiences will offer the new itinerary at the same price as the original, or,
  3. Cancel the scheduled itinerary with Blue Olive Experiences whereupon a full refund will be made.


It is advisable to travel with full insurance to cover your itinerary. This is not offered by Blue Olive Experience due to the varying nature of itineraries and make up of client groups.

It is advised that minimum cover is taken out to cover the cost of possible cancellation of your Blue Olive Experiences agreement.

Blue Olive Experiences does not accept any liability for any loss suffered as a result of no insurance or inadequate insurance provisions.