Change of Dates for Majors’ Schedule

It would seem a majority of Pros on the Tour are in favour of the announcement by PGA America and PGA Tour that from 2019 the PGA Championship will move back to May and The Players will kick the golf season of major championships into action by moving to March.

This will mean a monthly major tournament from March to date order The Players, The Masters, The PGA Championship, The US Open, The Open.

Key to the decision was to complete the Majors before the NFL season begins and also to prevent fixture pile up issues every four years when the Olympics takes place as Golf is now back in the pack as one of the Olympic sports.

It also means that Fedex Cup and Race to Dubai tournaments are clear of the Majors which should help Pros sort out where and when they are playing their golf.

Clearing the back end of the year might also assist those Pros who play both Tours to give a little more time to the European tournaments.

Of course for the average club golfer who plays each week at their club and then likes to come back to their TV to be inspired by their favourite players, August 2019 onwards is not going to be the same but then again, if it’s not on TV it gives the club golfer even more time to spend on their home courses!!