Respect golfers as individuals !

Club Blue Olive arranges golfing holidays

Golf, as we know, is a great game and one with many technical facets to it.

But do we really need the constant barrage of companies pushing their views, training methods and problem solving remedies to players who slice, players who need more distance, players who can’t putt straight….not to mention the cost of buying an accessory or a video that will “put an end to the misery”!

We humans are all different, no two bodies exactly the same. And whilst the marketing of the panaceas for golf swing ailments continues unabated, treating golfers as if we humans are all the same, surely what we need are coaches and one to one video sessions that respect golfers for the individuals they are.

We can’t all get that club to horizontal at the top of the back swing, for some physically impossible whether through body make up, age or both! We need coaches and training aid manufacturers to understand our body and do the best they can with it to make each of us the best player we can be…not the best according to the book(s) which will leave a lot of golfers playing a game that is probably short of their potential.